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About us

Thanks for visiting Amiki Knits!

I love love love to knit and want to share that love with you.

Over the years I have come across some super cool companies and have decided  to get involved with them and help promote them in Australia. Most of the products I stock come from companies that concentrate on sustainability, environmental impacts and social contributions.

In this world of mass production and cheap fast fashion I want to work on encouraging people to think about where their purchases come from and what the real costs are.  I hope to get more people interested in using thoughtfully sourced products, making their own items and buying hand made.

If you haven't experienced the pride that comes with having made your own items you are missing out!

I also love to teach, hosting parties is heaps fun and a great way to meet new people and getting friends together.

Amiki Knits will be hosting parties soon so keep an eye on social media for any up coming events. If you would like to hold your own party but need some help just let me know.

Feel free to email me anytime on

Much love x Amiki Knits