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Knit One Give One

Amiki Knits are getting involved with kogo in 2017 to knit for those in need.
kogo (Knit One Give One) is a not-for-profit organisation that asks volunteers to donate time and wool to knit warm winter woollies that kogo then distributes to people in need through over 250 community groups. We’re always looking for more hand knitted scarves, beanies, children’s toys or blankets.

Amiki Knits is encouraging anyone with some extra yarn in their stash to knit for kogo. Or, if you are short on time you can send your yarn into Amiki Knits and we can knit up for you. You will see pics of your contributions in action with regular social media updates. If you are able to contribute please contact us at 

Yarn pick up may be possible if you are based in Melbourne.

For more details on kogo and what they do visit them at
Here is a selection of patterns for items that KOGO use a lot. These are only suggestions so please feel free to be as creative as you would like! Beginner knitters might like to start with a basic scarf pattern.

We can find a deserving “home” for any hand knit – whether it be for baby, child or adult!
kogo Blanket
Magic Square
stocking stitch beanie
Garter stitch scarf
Basket weave scarf
Peter Rabbit toy pattern