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Ball of Fun embroidery kit

Ball of Fun embroidery kit



Oh, if I only hand another set of arms (or tentacles)! This whimsical squid balling yarn is a must for the knitter or crocheter. The design was created on a challenge from someone with an affinity for knitting. Challenge accepted! But don't's easy to complete your own work of art using four basic stitches. 

LEVEL: Beginner/First Time Friendly

Included in the kit:

  • pre-printed pattern on unbleached cotton fabric

  • 17cm (6 ¾”) bamboo embroidery hoop

  • DMC brand floss 820 blue, 666 red

  • embroidery needle


The completed images are scanned and minimally edited digitally to create the patterns. Each illustration is repeatedly rendered through the craft of hand embroidery using a variety of basic stitches to build texture and a pleasing design. The pattern evolves with each hand rendering with attention to texture and technique. Through this process, instructions for completing each design are developed.

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