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Lula Hoop Scarf

Lula Hoop Scarf



Skill level - Beginner
2 x Balls of Crazy Sexy Wool

1 x Lula Hoop Pattern

1 x Sewing Needle

This pattern requires 15mm knitting needles (not included in kit) you can get these here.

A boa for modern times, this scarf wraps around your neck like a hula hoop swings around your hips. Your Lula Hoop Infinity Scarf will keep you warm on your Vespa or bike and is casual accessory for your little black dress. The model is wearing it wrapped twice around his neck.
The Lula Hoop Infinity Scarf is made from super chunky 100% Crazy Sexy Wool from Peru.

Stitches include: Stocking Stitch

Measurements: 27cm/11" high, 160cm/64" circumference