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Sincerely Louise - Faux Ram Knitting Kit

Sincerely Louise - Faux Ram Knitting Kit



Specially commissioned for Toft Alpaca this giant taxidermy ram head is the perfect addition to any trophy cabinet.

The ram is an easy knit project, knitted flat then sewn up. Knitted on lovely and soft super chunky yarn on 9mm needles a very keen knitter could make one up in an evening or two.

This kit is a great project to make for yourself, a fabulous gift for any crafter or a cheeky gift to give to somebody to make and then gift back to you!

Skill Level: Easy - Intermediate

Finished Size:46cm height x 28cm width x 30cm depth

What's in the kit?
200g of fawn or cream super chunky yarn
200g of brown or fawn super chunky yarn
30g of cream super chunky yarn
A small amount of black super chunky yarn for embroidering.
250g of 100% recycled PET toy fill
9mm Straight Knitting Needles (optional)
2 x 24mm Black Toy Safety Eyes and Washers
Sincerely Louise MDF backing board
Plastic sewing up needle and sewing up yarn
Sincerely Louise laser cut MDF backing boar
Fishing line for hanging your ram
Hessian hand printed project bag
A step by step pattern and photo sewing up booklet - written in English

You will need some scrap yarn markers, these are used to mark where the Ram features go, you can use some of the yarn from the kit, but we'd recommend some colourful scrap from your stash.

Stitches Used:
Knit, Purl, Increasing and Decreasing (Kfb, K2tog, SKP), Mattress Stitch for Sewing Up.